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Why Miele Washing Machines

Miele Washing Machines are vigorously tested to last the equivalent of 20 years use.

Miele Washing Machines are ecological and consume only the amount of water and electricity needed for excellent cleaning and rinsing results.

With Miele’s exclusive honeycomb drum this offers the smoothest of surfaces to ensure your laundry is delicately protected wash after wash, achieving results of the highest performance while offering a kindness to your clothes.

Washing Machines  

Discover Miele’s washing machines, with even more convenience features and innovations. Our exclusive HoneyCombDrum that protects your laundry wash after wash, TwinDos automatic dispensing detergent included in a selection of our models and added programmes such a PowerWash that guarantees an A rated wash in just 49 minutes.

TwinDos laundry detergent

Intensive cleaning

Miele stains removal

Our intelligent washing machines offers stain removal functions, with its innovative stain system that can distinguish between several persistent stain types. With 23 options including red wine, grass, coffee and lipstick, removing them couldn't be easier.

You can select up to three of these stain options and the machine does the rest. 


Laundry Capacity Representation


Cleaning couldn't be faster

Innovative PowerWash technology

PowerWash offers the highest level of cleaning performance – in just 49 minutes with the QuickPowerWash programme. All washing machines with PowerWash achieve the highest energy efficiency class A and achieve economical consumption values even with small loads. This is possible thanks to the Spin&Spray technology which works with a very low water level and saves heating energy.

Miele Hygiene Program

Honeycomb drum

Protects clothes without snagging

Miele honeycomb drum creates a thin film of water between the drum and the laundry. This results in laundry gliding gently and protects the fibres perfectly. The smaller, smoothly polished shouldered holes in the walls of the drum are also gentle on your textiles and prevent pilling and laddering.

M Touch display control


Automatic dosing

TwinDos® automatic detergent dispensing[1]

Automatic dispensing with TwinDos® is not only practical, but also guarantees perfect cleanliness: with UltraPhase 1 and 2 your appliance offers the best liquid detergent system. TwinDos® dispenses UltraPhase 1 and 2 at the optimum time during the programme and thus achieves the very best wash results. TwinDos® also dispenses with such precision that you can save up to 30 % on detergent compared to manual dispensing.

Wifi Connect Washers and Dryers


Optimal detergent dispensing

CapDosing portioned dispensing[2]

Miele’s single-use capsules are a solution for special types of laundry. Made from 100 % recycled plastic, they go into the fabric conditioner compartment. The content of a capsule is perfect for a single wash cycle – there is no risk of adding too much or too little detergent. There are 6 special-purpose detergents to choose from, plus 3 fabric conditioners, the ImpraProtect proofing agent, Booster for stubborn soiling and CottonRepair.

Miele Quality Washers and Dryers

Gold standard for virus hygiene

Effective against viruses – scientifically proven

Worry-free laundry care: thanks to the TwinDos® automatic dispensing with UltraPhase 1 and UltraPhase 2 in combination with the excellent cleaning efficiency of PowerWash, over 99.9 % of all possible viruses are reliably removed. This has been confirmed in a test by Albstadt-Sigmaringen University.[3]

Good Housekeeping Seal


Cleverly networked

Domestic appliance networking with Miele@home[4]

With our innovative Miele@home system, you can exploit the full potential of your Miele appliances and make your everyday life even smarter. All intelligent Miele domestic appliances can be networked conveniently and securely. Operation is simple – whether you use the Miele app, voice control or integration into existing Smart Home solutions. The appliances are networked via a home WiFi router and the Miele Cloud.

Miele Hygiene Program

Finding your perfect washing machine

Washing Machine buying Guides

If you need help choosing the best Washing Machine for your needs, why not try our helpful buying guides.

Washing Machine FAQ

While it’s common to consider price first and foremost when shopping, for white goods used regularly in daily life several other factors can help narrow down the selection to make the best choice:

- how frequently you use your washer for small loads,

- how often you need to use quick programs,

- how long you want your washing machine to last.

Through extensive research and fine-tuned development, Miele provides the best value and best savings options in every circumstance. You can expect the highest standard of energy efficiency; economical, automatic, and efficient programs for small loads or even single-item wash; and long-lasting appliance guarantee.

Miele washing machines are built to last decades, guaranteeing you won’t need to replace one for much longer than any other brand. In addition to being a smart investment, Miele is also a sustainable choice.

Genuine craftsmanship, continuing technological developments, and extensive testing of every part of the appliance make it possible for Miele to provide long lasting washing machines with outstanding performance.

Whether you need a compact solution or a higher load capacity washer, Miele has the best fit for your laundry needs:

You want to wash your favorite blouse, but there is nothing similar in the laundry basket to wash it with?
Washing individual items is normally not ecologically justifiable, but Miele SingleWash option adapts program duration, water & energy consumption for loads up to 1 kg. Washing individual items has never been so quick & economical.

You have a 9 kg washing machine, but you need to wash only some clothes as you come back from your workout session?
All Miele washing machines feature intelligent automatic load recognition. This feature analyzes the current load and uses only the amount of water and electricity needed for excellent cleaning and rinsing results.

With Miele, your laundry is more than just cleaned – it is hygienically cleaned. More than 99.99 % of E. coli and S. aureus bacteria are reliably removed with some specific program.

Do you need to have something washed quickly? PowerWash offers the highest level of cleaning performance – with QuickPowerWash in less than an hour.

Find out all you need to know about washing machines from our Washing Machine Buyers Guide.

Miele washing machine are equipped with a unique “honeycomb drum,” a web-like surface structure that creates a thin film of water between the drum and the laundry. This results in laundry gliding gently and protects the fibers perfectly.

"The smaller, smoothly polished shouldered holes in the walls of the drum are also gentle on your textiles and prevent pilling and laddering."

And this special design ensures that foreign objects such as paper clips no longer end up in the drain pump.

Whatever you’re searching for in a new washing machine, you can find it with a quick check of a filter – narrow down your choice, compare and pick, you can even find free delivery and interest-free payment options.


1. Patent: EP 2 784 205

2. Patent: EP 2 365 120

3. Tested by Albstadt-Sigmaringen University and awarded the gold label by the Institute for Integrative Hygiene and Virology (InFluenc_H). Applies to all models with TwinDossup®/sup and PowerWash in the Cottons hygiene 60 °C programme with the AllergoWash option. A description of the relevant methodology can be found

4. Additional digital offer from Miele & Cie. KG. All smart applications are made possible with the Miele@home system. The range of functions can vary depending on the model and the country.

High Quality Washing Machines

Change how you do laundry forever. Explore the innovative features and benefits of Miele W1 washing machines.

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Perfect results every time. Explore the innovative features and benefits of Miele T1 tumble dryers.

The ability to install anywhere

For more compact spaces, Miele's high quality washers and dryers can be conveniently combined as a washer-dryer stack. Conveniently install side by side or add compatible plinth (optional accessory) for practical storage space below the machines. All Miele front-loading machines can be placed under a countertop* All dryers are ductless, ventless - providing flexible installation options.


*Please make sure to check the minimum niche height for the appliance before installing.

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*Hygiene Seal - Refers to the Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria in the Sanitize program. Details on the test criteria can be found on Testkriterien_Hygiene-Siegel.pdf (miele.com)