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125 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Available always for all Washing Machines, Washer Dryers, Tumble Dryers, Freestanding Coffee Machines and Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners.


For a limited time only, we have extended our 125 Day MBG to our Cordless (Triflex & Duoflex) and Robot Vacuum Cleaners.

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Quality ahead of its time

Long-lasting kindness for your clothes

Our appliances combine smart energy consumption with optimal water and detergent use. Laundry done thoroughly, and thoughtfully.

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For you, 6x Powerdisk included!

G7000 dishwasher with AutoDos function

If you buy a G7000 dishwasher with AutoDos function you can request a supply of 6x PowerDisk at no extra cost.
Each G7000 dishwasher with AutoDos function includes a voucher to redeem the PowerDisk set.

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