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If you need help choosing the best Washing Machine or Tumble Dryer for your needs, why not try our helpful buying guide. Your perfect appliance is just a few clicks away.

WED025 WCS 8kg
W1 front‑loader washing machine:
with 1–8 kg honeycomb drum and Pre-ironing for beautifully maintained laundry.
    Delivery time 6-13 working days
    €1,099.99 [1] [2]
    Delivery time 6-13 working days
    WEG665 WCS TDos&9kg
    W1 front‑loader washing machine:
    With TwinDos, CapDosing and WiFiConn@ct for intelligent laundry care.
      Delivery time 1-5 working days
      €1,469.99 [1] [2]
      Delivery time 1-5 working days
      WED 665 WCS TDos & 8kg
      W1 front‑loader washing machine:
      with TwinDos & Miele@home – smart laundry care at affordable entry-level price.
        Delivery time longer than 14 working days
        €1,199.99 [1] [2]
        Delivery time longer than 14 working days
        WEI865 WCS PWash&TDos&9kg
        W1 front‑loader washing machine:
        with TwinDos and SingleWash for laundry care that saves time and energy. 
          Delivery time 1-5 working days
          €1,769.99 [1] [2]
          Delivery time 1-5 working days
          WEA025 WCS Active
          W1 front‑loader washing machine:
          for 1–7 kg laundry with proven Miele quality at an attractive price.
            Delivery time 1-5 working days
            €949.99 [1] [2]
            Delivery time 1-5 working days
            WWV980 WPS Passion
            W1 front‑loader washing machine:
            the economical all-rounder that meets the highest expectations.
              Delivery time 1-5 working days
              €2,999.99 [1] [2]
              Delivery time 1-5 working days
              WER865 WPS PWash&TDos&9kg
              W1 front‑loader washing machine:
              with TwinDos, PowerWash and Miele@home for smart laundry care. 
                Delivery time 1-5 working days
                €2,099.99 [1] [2]
                Delivery time 1-5 working days

                Solve problems you didn’t even realise you had with intelligently designed Miele washing machines. Sleek and understated in flawless white, Miele washing machines combine exclusive design features with a superior build quality tested for 20 years of average use.


                Ever find yourself uncertain of how much detergent to use with your washing machine? Maybe you’re not sure which fabrics are suitable for which wash cycle, or even how much energy a wash cycle consumes? With innovative technology at the forefront, Miele washing machines are designed for hassle-free laundry, so you can focus on what’s really important.


                With integrated Miele AutoDos automatically dispensing the perfect amount, you’ll never have to worry about using too much or too little detergent again. With dedicated programs for wools, silks, down, synthetic, curtains and trainers (to name but a few), there’s no question as to what you can and cannot clean. With accurate consumption feedback after every wash and the highest efficiency ratings, you’ll never be uncertain of the impact each wash cycle has, both on the environment and on your wallet. Streamline your laundry routine with Miele – washing machines designed around you.


                How does a Miele washing machine fit around a busy schedule?


                Miele knows how valuable your time is. That’s why Miele appliances are equipped with time-saving solutions designed for the modern household. With delayed-start functionality, you can schedule washes by start or finish time - ideal if you want to take advantage of off-peak tariffs or work from home without being disturbed. What’s more, with TwinDos automatic dispensing you don’t even need to worry about loading detergent. Just add your laundry and you’re ready to go!


                Sticking to plans on a busy schedule can be tough. That’s why all Miele freestanding washing machines are prepared for the unexpected with AddLoad, allowing you to add forgotten laundry into the drum mid-cycle – a saving grace for full households. For those last-minute nightmares when you realise your outfit is still stuffed at the bottom of the basket, turn to SingleWash.  A Miele exclusive solution allowing you to wash single items up to a capacity of 1kg with an optimised run time and consumption – never settle for less than your chosen outfit again.


                How can a Miele washing machine reduce my energy bills?


                Miele washing machines are amongst the most energy-efficient appliances available. Most of the range is rated A (the highest rating achievable under the revamped rating scheme), and no appliance is rated lower than B.


                All washing machines from Miele elevate efficiency to exemplary new heights by never using more water or electricity than necessary. Every model features intelligent load recognition, capable of analysing the current load and optimising output accordingly.


                It can often be difficult to gauge the precise impact your appliances have on your utilities. Miele removes the guessing games from your budgeting with EcoFeedback.  Accurate consumption forecasts are provided pre-wash, with precise data available once the cycle has concluded. Make informed decisions regarding what’s best for your home with Miele.


                How is the longevity of Miele washing machines assured?


                Essential appliances have a nasty habit of giving up the ghost at the worst times. That’s why all Miele washing machines and appliances available online are tested for 20 years of average use. That’s 10,000 hours of performance testing (triple the stress-testing of some car engines). When you buy a washing machine online from Miele, you’re investing in the future.


                Such unprecedented longevity is achieved through one-of-a-kind engineering. The ProfiEco motor, used in all washing machines by Miele, adopts a brushless design to eliminate the gradual wear other motors experience. Along with a trio of shock absorbers, the ProfiEco motor also allows for extra-quiet performance. Miele is also the only manufacturer to use cast iron counterweights to avoid gradual damage or erosion – ensuring your appliance continuously delivers high performance through the years of stains to come.


                How do Miele washing machines provide superior cleaning?


                Miele washing machines provide scientifically proven levels of cleanliness, reliably removing over 99.9 of viruses and bacteria and providing safety to you and your loved ones. Keep your fabrics bacteria- and stain-free thanks to exclusive Miele wash programmes. Choose from up to 23 different types of stains and your washer will adjust to optimum pre-wash, runtime, and temperature settings, giving you the best possible chance to save your soiled laundry. Complete the experience with Miele laundry detergent (specifically formulated for Miele washing machines) and an equally celebrated Miele tumble dryer for a harmonious washing ecosystem.


                How do Miele washing machines protect my fabrics?


                When you buy a Miele washing machine online, you are purchasing from a brand that truly cares about your clothes. The exclusive honeycomb drum is the shining jewel of any Miele washer; the unique web-like structure creates a thin layer of water on the surface of the drum, which then acts as a gentle cushion as your laundry is spun. The smaller holes in the drum also help to prevent piling in cottons and laddering in delicate clothing, such as tights.


                Specific programs are even available for less commonly washed textiles, those that you’re never quite sure are ‘washer safe’. Plump and soften both synthetic and down-based bedwear, remove dust and dirt from curtains and other thick textiles, take your washable trainers for a gentle spin without worrying about causing damage to the shoe or the appliance. Whatever you need, Miele has you covered.


                Ready to find the integrated or freestanding washing machine that best suits your home? Browse the extensive Miele range or use the helpful buying guide available online. A redesigned drum, optimised programmes, numerous quality-of-life touches - solutions so indispensable you’ll wonder how anybody manages without.

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