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TED265WP 8kg
T1 heat‑pump dryer:
with A++ and Miele@home for intelligent laundry care.
    Delivery time 1-5 working days
    €1,199.99 [1]
    Delivery time 1-5 working days
    TEF765WP EcoSpeed&8kg
    T1 heat‑pump dryer:
    with A+++ and DryCare 40 for efficient yet gentle drying.
      Delivery time 1-5 working days
      €1,399.99 [1]
      Delivery time 1-5 working days
      TEH785WP EcoSpeed&9kg
      T1 heat‑pump dryer:
      with DryCare 40 and SilenceDrum for quiet drying with maximum convenience.
        Delivery time 1-5 working days
        €1,659.99 [1]
        Delivery time 1-5 working days
        TCR780WP Eco&Steam&9kg
        T1 heat‑pump dryer:
        with SteamFinish, SilenceDrum and M Touch for the highest demands.
          Delivery time 1-5 working days
          €2,679.99 [1]
          Delivery time 1-5 working days
          TEL785WP EcoSpeed&Steam&9kg
          T1 heat‑pump dryer:
          with SteamFinish, DryCare 40 and SilenceDrum for gentle drying. 
            Delivery time 1-5 working days
            €1,929.99 [1]
            Delivery time 1-5 working days
            TEA225WP Active
            T1 heat‑pump dryer:
            with A++ and outstanding Miele quality at an attractive entry-level price.
              Delivery time 1-5 working days
              €999.99 [1]
              Delivery time 1-5 working days
              TWV780WP Passion
              T1 heat‑pump dryer:
              The Miele all-rounder for the highest demands and very gentle laundry care. 
                Delivery time 1-5 working days
                €3,099.99 [1]
                Delivery time 1-5 working days

                For the times you can’t depend on the Irish weather, depend on Miele. Miele tumble dryers have been designed for the modern household; with industry-leading technology you won’t find elsewhere. Technology designed to make life simpler, such as the unique honeycomb drum that’s gentle on your fabrics and reduces creasing. Automatic fragrance distillers for fresh smelling laundry lasting up to 4 weeks. Wireless capability so you can access the full functionality of your tumble dryer, wherever you may be.


                We know how frustrating it can be when your appliances let you down at the most inconvenient times – that’s why all tumble dryers by Miele are tested for 20 years of average use. An impressive feat achieved through innovative engineering solutions like a brushless motor and a zero-maintenance filtration system.


                What is a heat pump dryer?


                Conventional clothes dryers operate by expelling the hot and damp air once it has passed through the drum. This is achieved through a vent or by converting the air into water. In contrast, a heat pump tumble dryer conserves and reuses the same air using an evaporator, extracting the moisture before reheating the air and repeating the cycle. This makes heat pump dryers highly energy- and cost-efficient, adaptable to different spaces and layouts, and suitable for even the most delicate fabrics. All tumble dryers in the Miele online range embrace the superior quality of heat pump technology.


                How can a Miele tumble dryer reduce my energy consumption?


                With an A++ energy efficiency rating or above on all Miele tumble dryers, you can rest easy knowing your appliance is as kind to your wallet as it is the planet. As heat pump dryers operate by conserving air rather than expelling it - as well as functioning at a lower temperature - every cycle is an act of saving money and reducing ecological impact.


                Miele has also optimised the drying process with a new enhanced cooling unit, allowing some models to operate a full 10% above the highest A+++ rating. Combine that with exclusive EcoDry technology and you can dry a full load up to 20 minutes faster with minimal energy consumption.


                How can a Miele tumble dryer save me time?


                Miele empowers you to spend time on the moments that truly matter. By connecting to our Miele@home system, you can access the full potential of our clothes dryers from anywhere in the home and beyond. That includes our EcoSpeed technology, enabling you to dry your clothes quickly and more efficiently. Meanwhile, the FragranceDos system allows you to effortlessly choose between your two favourite tumble dryer fragrances without having to replace them for up to 50 cycles.


                Maintenance has also been reduced to a bare minimum. The Miele heat exchanger filter guarantees optimal performance without needing to be cleaned, and the intelligent fluff filter is effortlessly accessible and automatically tells you when it needs emptied.


                How can a Miele dryer protect my clothing?


                Miele clothes dryers offer best protection for your clothing. The lower temperatures protect your clothes while perfectly drying them every time. PerfectDry ensures a gentle cycle resulting in clothes that are never too damp or too dry – even in areas of Ireland where water contains higher levels of calcium.


                The unique honeycomb design works to lift laundry higher in the drum and allows fabrics to spend longer in the warm air stream, while cushions of air formed between the hexagons soften impact. A gentler way to do things while also preventing creases – put your feet up and relax knowing your clothes are being cared for.


                How can a Miele tumble dryer make the most of my space?


                Where condensers require good air circulation and vented dryers need access to the outside, heat pump tumble dryers have no such requirements. Miele clothes dryers can be placed anywhere indoors with an outlet and with superior moisture retention, you can be assured your home is protected against mould and damage, even in the most enclosed spaces.


                Finding space for a separate washing machine and dryer can be difficult, forcing many to opt for a washer dryer. When you still want two separate appliances, Miele makes it possible with washing machines and clothes dryers designed to be stackable and slimline, allowing you to place two premium-grade machines within a compact space measuring less than 0.5 square meters. As a result, Miele tumble dryers serve Irish homes, whatever size and shape they may be.


                We know how important it is that your appliances work for you. That’s why the best tumble dryer range from Miele has been designed and manufactured with your experience in mind. Miele real-life technology offers the capacity to reduce energy bills and fits seamlessly into your home to make your life simpler.

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