Voucher for your dishwasher with AutoDos

Supply set with 6 PowerDisks® All in 1!

Secure the PowerDisk supply set for six months free dishwashing.

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Your voucher for your tumble dryer

One Miele fragrant flacon for free!

When you purchased your new T1 tumble dryer, you have received a voucher for a free fragrance flacon of your choice. Redeem it here and look forward to comfort refreshment from your dryer.

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Free Miele Gourmet Casserole Dish

For perfect results in your Miele oven!

If you have recently purchased a H6267BP oven then you are eligible for this fantastic offer!

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Voucher for your W1 washing machine

One free packet of UltraWhite or 30% discount off 6 months washing

When you purchased your new washing machine you will have received a voucher for one free packet of UltraWhite!

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Redeem 6 months Free detergent with your W1 TwinDos washing machine

Free Miele UltraPhase detergent supply pack!

When you purchased your new W1 washing machine / your WT1 washer-dryer with TwinDos you received a voucher for a free set of UltraPhase 1 and 2.

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Miele EcoFlex MultiTabs

Voucher with your EcoFlex dishwasher

UltraTabs Multi

Take advantage of the free-of-charge introductory offer or the stock-piling offer at a special set price.

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