Miele Ireland Limited - General Conditions of Sale

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Service Certificate

Miele Service Certificate

The Miele Service Certificate is available during selected promotional periods on selected models only.

Duration and start of cover by the Miele Service Certificate

Miele Ireland grants a 2 year guarantee from the date of purchase of the unit. With the Miele Service Certificate, Miele Ireland covers the cost of repairs for a further 3 years immediately after the guarantee period.

The validity period is shown on the front of the certificate. (Repair of the machine or the provision of spare parts does not extend the period of the contract).

Depending on the order placement the certificate will either be provided by the technician on site, email or mail.



The machine has been purchased from an authorised specialist retailer or directly from Miele in an EU country, Switzerland or Norway.

At time of purchase of the Miele Service Certificate residence and location of the unit are within Ireland.


The certificate is only valid for one specific Miele machine in each case and is non-transferable.

If the ownership of the machine changes or if the owner moves to a different address, Miele must be informed so that the certificate remains valid.


The certificate must be registered and taken out within the machine’s 2 year guarantee period.

The services within the framework of the certificate will only be provided within the EU, Switzerland and Norway.


If requested, the purchase receipt and the certificate, which must show the name and address of the customer, are to be shown to the service technician.


A unit with certificate is for non-commercial use only.


Cover and range of the Miele Service Certificate

Machine defects will be remedied free of charge within a reasonable period either through repair or the replacement of the affected parts. All travel costs, call out charges, labour and spare parts will be assumed by Miele Ireland. Exchange parts or appliances become the property of Miele Ireland.


Services within the framework of the certificate may only be service agents authorised by Miele Ireland.


If the machine is beyond economic repair of if repair is impossible, the customer will be provided with and identical or equivalent new machine. Alternatively, if requested, the appropriate current market value of the machine may be reimbursed. If the current market value of the appliance is reimbursed by Miele, the certificate becomes invalid. If the machine is replaced, the remaining period of cover provided by the certificate is transferred to the new unit.


The Miele Service Certificate does not cover any further claims for damage against Miele Ireland, except in cases resulting from gross or wilful negligence on the part of the technical service agent commissioned by Miele Ireland.


The provision of consumables and accessories is not covered by this agreement.


Limitations of the Miele Service Certificate

The Miele Service Certificate will not cover costs for repairs where a fault is due to the following:

- Improper installation, e.g non -compliance with relevant safety regulations and written operating and installation instructions.

- Improper use and operation, such as the use of unsuitable detergents or chemicals.

- A machine purchased in another EU member state, Switzerland or Norway may not be suitable for use or may be subject to restrictions on use on account of different technical specifications.

- External factors such as damage caused through transportation, impact and jolting, inclement environmental conditions or natural phenomena.

- Repairs or modifications not performed by service agents trained and authorised by Miele.

- Failure to use genuine Miele spare parts or accessories authorised by Miele.

- Glass breakage and defective bulbs.

- Fluctuations in power supply conditions which exceed the tolerances stated by the manufacturer.

- Failure to perform cleaning and care work in compliance with the operating instructions.


Data protection

Personal data will only be used for the purpose of fulfilling commitments regarding the contract and in full compliance with data protection legislation.


Right of withdrawal

This contract can be revoked in writing (e.g letter, fax. Email) within 2 weeks, without stating reasons. The period commences with receipt of this notification at the earliest.

The submission date is sufficient to comply with the deadline.


The notice of cancellation must be addressed to:

Miele Ireland,
Miele Service Certificate,
2024 Bianconi Avenue,
Citywest Business Campus,
Dublin 24.