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HX-LA Lithium-ion battery  
HX-LALithium-ion battery  

Increases the running time of the Triflex HX1. 

EUR 142.99**
Delivery time 5 working days
HX-SEB Electro Compact handheld brush 
HX-SEBElectro Compact handheld brush 

Compact handheld brush – flexible and versatile.

EUR 94.99**
Delivery time 5 working days
HX-FSF Fine dust filter
HX-FSFFine dust filter

filters even the smallest dust particles from the air 

EUR 42.99**
Delivery time 5 working days
HX-LS Charger cradle 
HX-LSCharger cradle 

for convenient charging of lithium-ion battery independent of appliance.

EUR 94.99**
Delivery time 5 working days
*Retail price includes 23% VAT. A contribution to recycling costs (PRF) of 5 EUR for large domestic appliances and 10 Eur for American Side by Side refrigeration is Included in the retail price. No fees apply to Vacuum Cleaners, Accessories, Hobs, Microwaves, Hoods or Coffee Machines.
**Retail Price includes 23% VAT. Additional delivery charges may apply. Short term delivery for Appliances product is only available for The greater Dublin area.
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