Triflex HX2 Cordless Vacuum

Meet Our Most Powerful Cordless Vacuum1
with HEPA Filtration2

Experience the ultimate convenience of power, runtime, and 3-in-1 design

Triflex HX2 Pro with HEPA filtration

Discover our most advanced cordless vacuums

Triflex HX2

Powerful, convenient, and effective - Effortless home cleaning is here.

  • • Make your cleaning experience quick and stress-free
  • • Switch from a stick to a handheld vacuum instantly with the versatile 3-in-1 design, choose between 3 modes: comfort, flexible, and compact mode
  • • Miele’s most powerful vacuum cleaner1

Triflex HX2 Cat & Dog

Made for pet owners – Pick up pet hair and dander with ease.

  • • Easily pick up pet hair with the long bristles of the Electro Compact handheld brush to swiftly deep-clean carpets, upholstery, and car interiors
  • • Achieve ultimate cleaning results with LED Brilliant Light - Spot the finest dust particles and pet hair with ease
  • • Ensure a clean home environment with HEPA lifetime filter air filtration

Triflex HX2 Pro

Turn your next cleaning experience into a delight – More convenience and care.

  • • Enjoy versatile cleaning comfort for the entire home, with a wide range of features and 8 accessories
  • • Cover more ground with ease: up to 120 min. of runtime3, thanks to an additional battery
  • • Keep one battery charged at all times, with the convenient charging tray.


Patented 3-in-1 design4 – Dynamically adapts to your home and lifestyle needs

Comfort Mode

Make floor cleaning effortless with the lightweight stick vacuum and ergonomic comfort mode.

Flexible Mode

Extend your reach instantly to clean hard-to-reach places with ease, whether high or low.

Compact Mode

Clean upholstery, car interiors, and spots quickly with the agile hand-held cleaner.

Unparalleled power. Auto floor detection. Functional design.

Plenty of battery runtime

Ensure efficient and uninterrupted vacuuming with the Triflex HX2’s rechargeable VARTA Li-Ion battery, offering up to an impressive 60 minutes of runtime per charge5.

  • • Continuous performance with additional battery and charger
  • • Runtime can be extended: up to 120 minutes of cleaning6

Powerful performance

Discover the secret to effortlessly maintaining a dust-free environment with the Triflex HX2. Its uniquely designed floorhead and advanced Vortex technology work in perfect harmony to create a powerful combination of ease and efficiency.

  • • Experience the power of the Triflex HX2 high-speed airflow
  • • Effectively handle both coarse and fine dust
  • • Make vacuuming a breeze

Effortlessly adapts to all floors

Allow the Triflex HX2's intelligent sensors to take charge and adapt suction power and roller speed for you.

  • • Whether it's hardwood or carpet, automatic floor detection effortlessly adjusts to any surface
  • • Delivers a smarter and easier cleaning experience
  • • Perfectly tailored to your lifestyle and needs
  • • Faster cleaning: cover more ground in less time, with the extra-wide electrobrush

Convenient and stylish

Experience the convenience of a self-standing vacuum that eliminates the need for wall mounts or furniture support.

  • • Pause and resume cleaning with ease
  • • Save space when storage space is limited
  • • Enjoy its stylish and sleek design, complementing your living space

Vacuuming in all light conditions

The extra bright LED front light of the Multi Floor XXL Electrobrush ensures optimal illumination for superior dust detection.

  • • Make even the tiniest of dust particles visible
  • • Light up dark spots and spaces under furniture
  • • Spot and pick up (pet) hair and dander with ease

Supreme hygiene for you, your home and your family

Easy to empty

Twist 2 open

Quick and convenient – empty the dust container with a simple twist, while keeping your hands clean.

HEPA Filter

Clean Air

With the maintenance-free HEPA lifetime filter you can create a hypoallergenic zone within your home2. Combined with the HEPA filter, it achieves an overall filtration performance of 99.999%7, capturing and filtering microscopic particles and allergens. As a result, they are removed from the air and allergy sufferers will be less affected by pollen or dust.

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Triflex HX2
Cordless stick vacuum cleaners
Triflex HX2 with patented 3-in-1 design for exceptional flexibility 
Delivery time 1-5 working days
Triflex HX2 Cat & Dog
Cordless stick vacuum cleaners
Triflex HX2 Cat & Dog with LED light and handheld brush: ideal for pet hair 
Delivery time 6-13 working days
Triflex HX2 Pro
Cordless stick vacuum cleaners
Triflex HX2 Pro – most powerful Miele vacuum cleaner* with extra long runtime
Delivery time 1-5 working days
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Engineered in Germany.

Made in Germany

By continuously perfecting our craftsmanship for over 120 years, we create premium vacuum cleaners —bringing outstanding performance and innovative quality into your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the Miele Triflex HX2 Cordless Vacuum

Each triflex HX2 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner offers unique features to meet your home cleaning needs. To discover which model is perfect for you, click here to use our buyers guide.

All Miele Triflex HX2 Cordless Vacuums are equipped with a HEPA Lifetime Filter. Please check specific models for more details.

Looking to purchase a new filter for your Miele Triflex HX2 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner? Shop now.

Miele prides itself on manufacturing cordless vacuum cleaners for everyone, including pet owners. These Triflex HX2 models are easily identified thanks to the Cat&Dog label, and come with specialized accessories that make cleaning pet hair as easy as possible.

Looking for a Miele Cordless Vacuum Cleaner suitable for pet owners? Check out all our available Triflex Cat&Dog vacuum cleaner models here.

Should the need arise, we have a comprehensive network of trained Miele Servicing Dealers at your disposal to ensure your appliance is repaired as quickly as possible. If you're looking for a replacement part or accessory; our spare parts are available for at least 10 years, and up to 15 years, from the end of a series' production. 

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1Cleaning performance compared to a Miele cylinder vacuum cleaner Complete C3 (SGEF3) with Turbobrush STB 305-3 (dust removal from carpet and hard floor with crevices, fibre removal from carpets). According to IEC62885-2.
2Feature depending on model, in accordance with EN 1822/2011
3Applies to power setting 1, without an electrobrush Multi Floor XXL attached, and the usage of 2 batteries.
4Patent: DE 102016105475 B4
5Applies to power setting 1, without the electrobrush Multi Floor XXL attached.
6Valid for power level 1 without connected Multi Floor XXL Electrobrush and when using 2 rechargeable batteries.
7in accordance with IEC 62885-4