Miele Scout app

Whether you’re at home or on the go – with the Miele Scout smartphone or tablet app* just tell your robot vacuum cleaner where you want it to clean and when. The app offers convenient operating functions.


Can be run at home using the app or while on the go

The Scout can be controlled conveniently using a smartphone or tablet app while you’re on the go. There are various convenient functions available. For example, a different “start time” can be programmed each day for the Scout using the timer. The map view allows you to track the cleaning process at any time.

Status display

All key information at a glance

The start screen gives you all the key information at a glance, e.g. which mode the Scout is currently in and when it will begin the next cleaning session. With just two clicks you can select a cleaning mode and start the robot vacuum cleaner straight away.

Home Mapping

Virtual map of your home

The Scout navigates systematically through the rooms and generates a virtual map. It can then find the ideal path for comprehensive and efficient cleaning. Using the app, the map can be used to check where the robot vacuum cleaner is at that particular moment, as well as where it has already cleaned. You can set up favourite areas that need to be cleaned frequently. Areas for the Scout to avoid can also be indicated on the map.


Start time freely programmable

With the Scout you can programme the floor cleaning times individually. You can put it to work, for instance, when you are not even at home. The Scout will begin cleaning at the selected time. The appliance then returns to the charging station on its own to recharge the battery. Up to 7 individual timers can be set so that cleaning can start at different times on each day of the week. So feel free to go out while the Scout cleans your home.

Home Vision**

See the world through the eyes of the Scout

Using both front cameras, you can check at any time, even while on the go, that everything is OK at home and that your Scout is hard at work. You can also follow the appliance’s cleaning activities in real time from its own perspective. So you always know where the Scout is. The arrow buttons make navigating the appliance a breeze. And of course, live tracking of the camera images is encrypted.

*Available for a mobile device (minimum requirement Android 6.0+ and iOS 11.0+)
**Features depend on the model