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System4Dent – everything from a single source

With System4Dent, Miele Professional offers an innovative complete system for the safe and efficient reprocessing of instruments in dental practices. Based on many years of experience and in close consultation with experts in the field, System4Dent offers a system solution which can be divided into four steps: cleaning/disinfection/sterilising, bespoke process chemicals, documentation and the highest service quality. During each of these steps, Miele Professional provides powerful appliances, process chemicals, documentation solutions, and further accessories as well as comprehensive service. Since all the components in this system come from the same source, they are perfectly integrated with each other. The result is a seamless, particularly gentle and economic reprocessing process for dental instruments. And administration time is also optimised, since, in all aspects from appliance technology to financing, Miele is always at your side as a competent partner.

Recommendations for reprocessing instruments

Perfect cleaning results

For each different instrument Miele Professional offers an optimum cleaning programme and range of detergents for optimum reprocessing results.

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Maximum versatility

Ingeniously adaptable: The new load carrier

The incomparably varied range of accessories from Miele Professional comprises mobile units, baskets, modules and inserts for almost every instrument and piece of laboratory glassware. With the introduction of the PG 85 range of washer-disinfectors, the load carrier system has been completely updated and rebuilt on a new foundation. As well as the particularly effective water and drying air flows, the new load carriers are characterised by their new modular design. In this way they offer the user not only an increased load capacity, but also a plus where flexibility is concerned. This allows you, for example, to realise numerous loading variations in the laboratory with only a few load carriers. Another advantage: thanks to the modular system design, future upgrades can be added particularly easily and cost effectively.