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Commercial Spare Parts

Monday – Friday 8am - 6pm
Tel: 01 4610710 or email info@miele.ie
Lo Call: 1890 252609
Lo Call NI: 0800 904 7927

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Sector brochures

Hotel sector brochure Miele Professional Ireland laundry dishwashing hotels
Hotel Sector Brochure

Laundry and dishwashing solutions for hotels

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WetCare brochure image Miele Professional Ireland fabric care for future
WetCare brochure

Professional fabric care for the future


Commercial laundry brochures

Miele Professional Ireland washplus brochure 10 - 32 kg capacity washing machine
WashPlus brochure

10Kg - 32Kg capacity washing machines

Miele Professional Ireland DryPlus large tumble dryer brochure value laundry drying
DryPlus large tumble dryer brochure

Adding value to laundry drying

Miele Professional Ireland h2o dryers brochure water producing energy
H2O dryers brochure

Water is our element in producing energy

Miele Professional Ireland Barrier washing systems 16 - 32 kg capacity

Barrier washing systems 16 - 32Kg capacity

Miele Professional Ireland PM16 - PM18 flatwork ironer range setting standards laundry finish efficiency
PM16 - PM18 flatwork ironer range

Setting standards in laundry finish and efficiency

Miele Professional Ireland PM12 ironer brochure best ergonomics simple operation perfect laundry finish
PM12 ironer brochure

Best ergonomics, simple operation, perfect laundry finish


Laboratory and Medical brochures

Miele Professional Ireland Laboratory glassware brochure systematic reprocessing laboratory glassware
Laboratory glassware brochure

A systematic approach to the reprocessing of laboratory glassware

washer disinfectors Miele Professional Ireland G7823 - PG8528 CSSD hospitals
Washer disinfectors G 7823 – PG 8528

Miele washer-disinfectors for CSSDs and hospitals

Miele Professional Ireland laboratory washes accessories perfect analyitcal-grade reprocessing laboratory glassware
Laboratory washers and accessories

Perfect analytical-grade reprocessing of laboratory glassware


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Miele Professional Ireland brochure entire range

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