The flexible built-in dishwashers from Miele

The new Profi Line dishwashers sparkle with an array of details that make cleaning crockery even more convenient and guarantee top-notch wash results at the same time. You will find numerous innovative fittings in Miele dishwashers that are patented for Miele: for example, glass-care technology, the salt container in the dishwasher door and dishwasher doors with AutoOpen function.
Miele dishwashers - for all requirements
Breakfast, lunch breaks, meetings, appointments with clients – in modern business life, there is no shortage of reasons for serving tea or coffee, and leaving crockery to pile up in the kitchen. But also private homes can have large quantities of crockery and thus special requirements for short programme durations. The new ProfiLine dishwashers meet all these requirements.
More professional: Ideal for office kitchens or private homes with higher demands. Flexible placement and installation.
Quicker: The shortest programme duration is only 17 minutes!
More powerful: The dishwashers are the ideal solution for mountains of crockery, frequent dishwashing and very quick cleaning.
More convenient: Automatic door opening at the end of the wash programme, convenient salt replenishment, connection options for liquid cleaning agent dispenser system - the ProfiLine dishwashers shine with numerous convenient features.
More efficient: 10% lower consumption values on average compared to the previous series.
Free-standing dishwashers and dishwashers that can be built-under
Every day in offices and legal practices, in car dealerships, offices and hairdressing salons, a small snack or a cup of coffee is part of the daily routine.
Guests appreciate the difference between porcelain and glass and paper cups. For this reason, plates, cups, cutlery and crockery need to be washed in these businesses several times per day.
The PG 8130 handles these small mountains of crockery easily and ensures that everything is clean and available again quickly.
With its compact dimensions and easy installation, the PG 8130 is the ideal machine for small kitchens. As a freestanding machine (PG 8130), built-under machine (PG 8130 U) and as a built-under machine, which can also be set up as an integrated model (PG 8080 U/i) with an adjustable plinth return, it can be perfectly integrated into an existing kitchen run.
Semi-integrated dishwashers
Perfect integration into the kitchen run with premium surfaces – that is how a dishwasher should look. It should also be exceptionally fast. You should consider a Miele Professional PG 8131 i, PG 8132 SCi XXL or a PG 8133 SCVi XXL dishwasher.
With an extremely short cycle time of only 17 minutes with hot water and 3-phase connection, they easily handle very large amounts of cutlery. Private homes with professional cooking, active kitchens or the self-employed will appreciate the outstanding technology of Miele Professional dishwashers.
In recent years, the trend towards a higher worktop has become prevalent. To make use of the additional space, the PG 8132 SCi XXL and PG 8133 SCVi XXL are joined by the PG 8131 i. With a capacity of 14 place settings and the unique cutlery tray, the PG 8132 SCi and PG 8133 SCVi XXL are always a perfect choice.
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