Retirement and Care Homes

Advantages thanks to competences in hygiene

Hygiene is particularly important in the areas of domestic laundry and kitchens, in other words the constant avoidance of the transfer and spread of pathogens. Know-how in achieving this strategy is firmly anchored at Miele Professional, since it has been the market leader in the prevention of the spread of hospital infections for decades, for example in the reprocessing of medical products for surgery.
The hygiene specialist PG 8057 U TD
The commercial HYGIENE and HYGIENEplus fresh water dishwashers achieve optimum results and, with the Vario TD disinfection programme (model HYGIENEplus only), meet hygiene requirements in sensitive areas. As people live longer, the number of people with chronic diseases and a weakened immune system results in multimorbidity and the need for increased care. As a result, the hygiene requirements for reprocessing crockery have increased. For example, the risk of salmonella infection plays an increasing role in retirement and care homes. The danger of other, often multiresistant germs has also increased steadily over the past few years. Because of their outstanding hygienic performance, the use of Miele commercial fresh water dishwashers with disinfection programmes makes sense in these areas.
Due to its construction and material characteristics, the Miele commercial dishwasher PG 8057 TD U allows the use of special cleaning programmes with very high temperatures. The appliance is equipped with a thermal disinfection programme which makes bactericidal and virus-inactivating disinfection possible, including HBV and HIV.
The Vario TD cleaning and disinfection programme
After an intense pre-wash, the cleaning phase operates at temperatures of up to 55°C with a 5 minute holding time. The process is completed by thermal disinfection at 90°C with a 5 minute holding time. The programme DESIN Vario TD has been listed for routine cleaning and disinfection by the Robert Koch Institute and corresponds to the standard for medical products.
Treating mops
Ready-to-use, hygienic pre-treated mops
Treating cleaning cloths
Washing and impregnation of cloths with disinfectant or cleaning agent in one work step.
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