Jil Sander, Fahrenheit, Tristano Onofri: fragrances which have been writing history in the world of perfumes for decades. It is a less known fact that a company from Holzminden in Lower Saxony is behind these beguiling compositions. Today, Symrise has worldwide expertise in the field of fragrances and taste.

Four Symrise employees work in the laboratory area of the company.

To ensure Symrise creations meet all requirements and quality standards, one thing, above all, is important: A sophisticated and complicated series of experiments. Testing the fragrances used, for instance, in laundry detergents involves teams of experts evaluating the scent of still-damp washing in a string of tests. The challenge lies in producing results which apply in everyday use. For this reason, fragrances are evaluated in the environment for which they are developed. Hence the use of the same washing machines and dishwashers as found in many private households and the key role played by Miele technology.

A Miele PG 85 series laboratory washer is standing in a laboratory unit of Symrise.

Once a series of experiments is complete, beakers, spatulas and glass or plastic bottles need cleaning. Here, again, other Miele products are on hand to support the teams of specialists. The 120 Miele dishwashers are the practical everyday helpers in the Symrise laboratories as they take up little space, are easy to use and provide reliable service. The EasyLoad range of accessories simplifies loading and ensures that items of laboratory glassware are always securely and properly positioned.

A Symrise employee smells a fragrance sample with the Symrise logo.

Away from the laboratory, employees are faced with another important task: They squeeze large quantities of onions to collect for example onion extract from the juices. All that remains afterwards is to wash the filter cloths used in the machines. As it is not seldom for 10 kg of heavy filter cloths to need reprocessing at a time, a machine is called for which is up to the job. The drum on the commercial machine from Miele has a maximum load capacity of 18 kg. This makes this washing machine far bigger than the machines used in the laboratories – and perfectly suited for the purpose.

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