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From invoicing to the entire operation. We bring laundry rooms online and reduce your costs.

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Customer benefits

Mehr Transparenz weniger Aufwand

Greater transparency. Reduced effort.

With appWash, you can make your laundry room digital and reduce actual costs in the daily operation. Leading to: Greater transparency. Reduced effort.

Greater transparency. Digital overview - See what is happening in the laundry from anywhere, at any time.

Reduced effort. Never again have to issue customer cards or tokens, collect cash or lose takings to theft.

More Miele quality. Comprehensive solutions from one single supplier.


simply. wash.

Your tenants will profit, too. Simply download our 'appWash by Miele' free of charge to your smartphone to simplify washing. Our motto: simply. wash.

Simple. Only a few clicks away: booking washing machines and paying online. Never again have to search for small change or wait for a free machine.

Washing. Start the wash process from the comfort of your sofa with appWash. And spend as little time as possible on this daily task.

More Miele quality. Comprehensive solutions from one single supplier.

Product overview

appWash PAY

We are your billing partner

Do you operate a launderette or a shared laundry room? In student accommodation or a multiple dwelling unit?

'appWash PAY' helps you digitalise your laundry.

With 'appWash by Miele', users can conveniently book machines and pay online – by credit card, PayPal or SEPA.

The 'appWash connect' web portal provides information on all machines in your laundry – at all times and from anywhere.

We take care of the applications, give you a choice of payment methods, bill users and transfer your takings at the end of the month.

appWash RELAX

Let us run you laundry

Do you wish you had more time to focus on your main line of business? Is your laundry just a burden and a strain on your time?

With 'appWash RELAX' you can trust us with running your entire laundry.

We provide everything that is needed – from the machines to 'appWash by Miele' for users. There are no investments or costs for service and maintenance on your part.

More Miele quality. Comprehensive solutions from one single supplier.

We bill users direct allowing you to focus on what is important.


Compatible with all payment-system washing machines and dryers

Little Giants are the most popular machines in self-service and coin-op laundries. Both past and current model generations can be used in combination with 'appWash' - with ease.

What's more, a large proportion of the Miele Professional laundry technology range is already compatible with 'appWash'.

'appWash' currently uses the same interface as all other payment systems.

This means that all Miele washing machines and dryers which can already be hooked up to a payment system can also connect to 'appWash':




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'appWash' in less than 1 minute and a half – the video



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