Hands in hygienic gloves clear medical instruments from a cleaning device.

Solutions for external instrument reprocessing

Reliable reprocessing of medical instruments

Time pressure, staff shortages, lack of space: not every hospital or day-surgery centre can clean, disinfect and sterilise its medical instruments in an in-house Sterile Supply Department. In these cases, service providers offer a professional sterile item service and take care of external instrument reprocessing. Miele Professional helps these sterile supply services to ensure that their cleaning, disinfection, sterilisation and inspection processes for reusable medical devices are compliant with standards. Safe. Efficient. Reliable.

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Hygienic reprocessing of medical instruments

Reprocess sterile items safely – with the 360° system concept from Miele Professional

Professional cleaning and care for workwear

Improve assured hygiene for workwear – with commercial washing machines and tumble dryers from Miele Professional

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For perfect cleaning results and hygiene: find the right washer-disinfectors and sterilisers for external instrument reprocessing.

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Vanguard - sterile goods supply centre

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