Commercial drying cabinets

Particularly gently drying, especially for garments and materials which are only conditionally suitable for tumble drying.

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Declaration according to Low Voltage Directive

Safe in use

The drying cabinets have been designed and built in compliance with the specifications of the Low Voltage Directive EN 60335-2-43 and meet all applicable legal requirements.As the drying cabinets do not contain any moving parts, the application of the Low Voltage Directive is correct here; conformity with the Machinery Directive is not required. Like the Machinery Directive, the ultimate aim of the Low Voltage Directive is of course to protect personal safety/the physical safety of users. According to the definition of terms (see above), drying cabinets are outside the focus of a machine and associated declarations are made according to the Low Voltage Directive.
Gentle drying

Durability and value retention

Care information increasingly includes instructions to dry products in a drying cabinet. To meet rising demand for this very gentle drying method, Miele is expanding its existing range to include high-quality drying cabinets manufactured by NIMO.
Flexible drying options

Hanging, horizontal or upright drying

Thanks to the versatile configuration of our drying cabinets featuring shelves, hooks, brackets or hangers, items can be dried hanging, horizontally or upright.
Accelerated drying

Fast drying load turnaround

Previously, many garments or items to be dried (e.g. shoes, gloves, belts, air regulators (incl. pressure reducing valves), harnesses for breathing mask carriers, wetsuits, cut-resistant trousers, etc.) had to be air-dried. Using a drying cabinet provides an opportunity to speed up the drying process significantly.Furthermore, additional utensils that need to be dried can be added to the drying cabinet at any time.