PTD 702 [DOS] - Performance

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Tank systems

Perfect for continuous use

Once the tank system has been started, the system is constantly ready for use. This is achieved by the fact that the dishwasher maintains the temperature of the water at 65 °C – for extremely short cycles and the best cleaning results.
Very short cycle times

Gleaming results in no time

Are very short cycle times and sparkling results important to you? If so, then Miele Professional dishwashers are the perfect choice for you: Hot water connections and 3-phase current, intelligent dishwashing technology and a powerful heat-pump ensure optimum programme durations and cleaning results. Take advantage of innovative features that make your crockery sparkle day after day in the shortest amount of time.
Specific programme for items to be washed

Tailored to the items being cleaned

Delicate wine glasses or robust beer mugs, porcelain or plastic: The appropriate wash programme cleans thoroughly and gently by tailoring parameters such as temperature and wash pressure to the items to be washed.
Adjustable programme parameters

Variable adjustment options

For perfect dishwashing results and hygiene performance the various programme parameters,
e.g. temperature, holding time or water intake can be precisely adjusted to suit requirements.