PWT 6089 Vario [EL LP] - Efficiency and sustainability

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Low consumption values

Economical and efficient

Save money and be environmentally friendly:
Miele Professional commercial laundry machines are impressive with very low consumption values and are known for maximum efficiency. This standard is applied right from the product development stage: perfect results by using recyclable materials and no more water, energy and detergents than absolutely necessary.
Washer-dryer stack

Washing and drying using less than 1 m² floor space

Where space is limited, side-by-side installation of the washing machine and the dryer presents a problem. Miele Professional's washer-dryer stack is the perfect solution: Two powerful machines with a footprint of less than 1 m².
Peak load cut-out

Avoiding electricity voltage peaks

Comprehensive energy management allows operational energy costs to be lowered effectively. Peak-load negotiation makes it possible to integrate washing machines, tumble dryers and ironers into intelligent energy management systems (depending on the model, other accessories are required for connection to peak-load systems).