HBR-HCE - Roasting rack with PerfectClean finish.--NO_COLOR
  • with PerfectClean finish.--NO_COLOR

Roasting rack
with PerfectClean finish.

  • As a surface on which to rest baking tins and casserole dishes
  • Ideal for grilling directly on the rack
  • Fits perfectly on Miele multi-purpose trays and grease trays
    Miele universal trays in combination with the HSB anti-splash insert or HBR/HCR racks are ideal grease trays, for example when roasting or grilling. They collect dripping meat juices or fat and significantly reduce the need for cleaning. The suitable HUBB universal trays, anti-splash trays (HSB) and racks (HCR/HBR) are listed under "additional accessories" for each of these products.
  • Perfect for collecting meat juices/fat
  • For all 60 cm wide 56 l ovens
    Not suitable for H 2xx, H 3xx, H3xxx and H4xxx series microwave combination ovens.

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All product benefits at a glance - HBR-HCE


Exclusive to Miele

PerfectClean finish

Unique non-stick finish

The exclusive PerfectClean finish prevents food from sticking and makes cleaning much easier

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User convenience

Optimum interaction of appliance and accessories

For perfect results

Original Miele accessories were developed especially for Miele kitchen appliances to guarantee perfect results.

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**Retail Price includes 23% VAT. Additional delivery charges may apply.