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Miele Black Edition N°1: Pure coffee enjoyment

With Miele everybody can be a perfect barista. Only when the technology in our high-quality coffee machines match and interact precisely and perfectly with the exquisite quality of the coffee beans can you achieve and enjoy an overwhelming cup of coffee.

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KMDA 7774

Miele's TwoInOne Hob and Extractor is now available!

Miele TwoInOne combines for the first time the Miele PowerFlex cooking zones with an automatically controlled extractor and an intuitive operation. So cooking fumes are eliminated exactly where they arise.

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Range Cooking

Design and technology for the very best quality of life

Miele is proud to introduce the new Range cooker. Consisting of smooth PureLine features and precise cooking functionality. This Range Cooker is the perfect addition to your kitchen. With innovative M Touch display its quick and easy to use.

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Networked products for your home

Whether you are at home or away you want your household appliances to be reliable. Networking your appliances offers new possibilities which create more convenience, quality of life and safety in your dynamic daily life. With specifically developed functions, mobile controls and a new networking technology, we offer a system that brings you new freedoms and supports you in the effective and sustainable design of daily life.

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Miele CM5 coffee machines

Enjoyment relived.

New shape, new colours, new variety: Miele CM5 coffee machines offer innovative, eye-catching design and attractive entry-level prices starting at € 799.

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Miele T1 Active

Triple protection: for your laundry, environment and budget.

Unique Miele honeycomb drum, with A++ energy efficiency rating and a new price of € 899. Welcome to the world of Miele heat-pump tumble dryers.

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The new Miele Active ovens and stoves

For baking, roasting, feasting and saving.

The new Miele Active ovens and stoves offer pure enjoyment and proven quality at an affordable price. It's a warm welcome to the world of Miele.

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Blizzard CX1 Bagless Vacuum

Experience the great cleaning performance with air flow of more than 100 km/h ensures coarse and fine dust is collected perfectly. The innovative dust separation means that coarse soiling and fine dust are emptied separately without unsettling the dust.

Discover the Miele Blizzard