A happy or festive gathering of friends and acquaintances almost always culminates in a delicious meal. Where people enjoy company, cooking takes on central importance.

Whether delicious roasts, sweet or savoury spreads or low-calorie and delightful steam oven dishes - with recipes from the Miele cookbooks that have been specifically adapted to the functions of the Miele appliances, the most sensuous hobby in the world becomes pure pleasure!


Christmas Recipe Book

This recipe book features over 80 Christmas inspired recipes, perfect for entertaining over the holiday season.

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Warming Drawer Cookbook

Low temperature cooking is a professional method of cooking, resulting in high quality tender and juicy meat. The meat can then carved straight after cooking without the need to rest it first.

This cookbook features a number of recipes of cooking with beef, lamb and poultry aswell as desserts such as meringues and fruit compote.

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Oven Cookbook

This book has over 140 recipes which not only encompass the entire spectrum of oven functions, they are also unusual and interesting, allowing you to introduce variety to your daily meals.

Whether you are creating light appetisers or a full roast dinner, a pasta bake for the family meal or an exotic dish for a dinner party, these recipes will turn cooking into a real pleasure.

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Steam Cookbook

Food cooked in a steam oven is a true delight! Not only is the intensive, unspoilt, natural flavour maintained, steaming is an easy, fast and convenient way of eating a healthy diet.

This cookbook demonstrates just how versalite your steam oven is with over 180 recipes includes soups and starters, side dishes, mains and desserts. It also includes additional hints and tips on using your steam oven.

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Steam Combination Oven Cookbook

The Steam Combination Oven has all the benefits of steam ovens, plus all the conventional functions of an oven. Truly versatile, the combination steam oven features a combination of moist air and hot air ensuring outstanding baking and roasting results.

This cookbook features over 100 recipes including bread, cakes, biscuits and pastries, meat, sweet and savoury bakes and savoury snacks.

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Microwave Combination Oven Cookbook

With the microwave combination oven you have the choice to use the functions separately, to bake delicious bread and cakes with the oven function or to make a cup of hot chocolate with the microwave function. 

This cookbook features over 100 recipes using a microwave combination oven including savoury bakes, fish, meat, vegetables and side dishes, desserts and drinks.

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Tepan Cookbook

Tepan appliances are ideal for frying, (fish, meat, pancakes etc),grilling (fish, meat etc),braising (steak, chicken etc),sweating (fruit, vegetables) and keeping food warm.
Food is cooked in its own juices or with a little additional water, oil or fat, depending on the recipe.This cookbook features over 90 recipes including starters, vegetarian dishes, meat and desserts.

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