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Appliance networking with Miele@home

Freedom at home

“Freedom? For me, freedom is synonymous with quality of life. I can enjoy freedom to the full if I have everything in view.”*

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Voice control

Everything at a glance – without a smartphone?

Just ask Alexa. You should have your hands free for the more important things in life. Without having to hold a smartphone in your hand, you can now control your appliances using voice control: via Amazon Echo and Alexa Voice Service, you can easily check the status of your appliances or ask for helpful information such as the right choice of laundry programme – and keep focusing on what you’re doing.

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Miele@mobile app

Can’t be everywhere at the same time?

Now you can! You always do your best and like to have everything under control. To help you to make sure everything is working well at home, there’s the Miele@mobile app. It allows you to check the status of your appliances and be informed when the wash programme has finished, for example. Even when you’re busy taking care of other things.*

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Miele@mobile app – MobileControl

Spontaneous party in an hour?

Perfect moments have to be taken advantage of when they present themselves. To enable you to enjoy those moments, we have developed MobileControl for you. Even when you are away from home, you have everything well in hand with mobile controls. For instance, you can activate the SuperCool function on your refrigerator to bring the temperature down before you come home with your shopping. On the new cooking appliances, it is even possible to modify parameters such as temperature and duration in the respective functions while programmes are running.

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Miele@mobile App – FoodView

Network-enabled for more convenience

How is your bread getting on in the oven? A camera in the oven compartment shows you what is happening – wherever you are.

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Miele@mobile app – recipes

Rekindling holiday memories?

It’s easy with the right recipe. Anyone can bake and cook – with the recipe function via the Miele@mobile app it’s easy. Want to cook up a culinary surprise? All you need is a smartphone or tablet and you’ll have just the right recipe and a shopping list at your fingertips. The app makes cooking delicious dishes really easy, even if you only cook occasionally.

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Miele@mobile app – ShopConn@ct

Convenient online ordering for everyday supplies?

So you can use your offline time for the special things in life. You shouldn’t have to worry about trivial matters – like whether you have enough tabs or the new PowerDisk for your dishwasher at home. The new Stock function will let you know when tabs, rinse aid or salt are running low. And with ShopConn@ct you can conveniently order everything online – using your smartphone or tablet.

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Miele@mobile app – Miele Assistant

Mountains of laundry?

Conquer them with some smart assistance. Some situations in life are best left to the professionals – for instance, when you want to achieve perfect laundry care. The interactive Miele Assistant recommends the most suitable wash programme for your laundry. Whether colours or whites, cottons or silks, heavily or only slightly soiled – with the Miele Assistant your textiles are always perfectly laundered.*

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Miele Scout RX2 app

No time for the important things in life?

The Miele robot vacuum cleaner makes time for you. The new Miele Scout RX2 robot vacuum cleaner with MobileControl takes care of your home when you are out and about. Wherever you are – your floors are always kept clean.

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Social gathering in your kitchen?

And you still know what your laundry is doing. Enjoy the here and now – especially in the company of good friends in your kitchen. Benefit from the convenience appliance networking offers you: with SuperVision, the statuses of your appliances are always visible at a glance without the need to use your smartphone – they simply appear discreetly on the display of your kitchen appliances*.

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Smart Home

Is my Smart Home really smart?

Not until the cooker hood can communicate with the living room lighting. A smart house is only smart if all of its components are compatible with one another. And the perfect level of convenience is only achieved once everything can be controlled centrally. With sophisticated partner solutions, network-enabled Miele domestic appliances can be integrated into an existing Smart Home. So you can enjoy the efficiency and convenience of a holistic home network.

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Sunshine putting you in good spirits?

Let it put your tumble dryer to work! Make the most out of the positive energy you get from a sunny afternoon. In the garden with the family – and for a sustainable way to use energy. With SmartStart, your domestic appliances automatically use electricity when your energy costs are most economical.*

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How can I utilise all the benefits of Miele@home?

The world of appliance networking isn’t far away – with the Miele@home system it is as easy as it is convenient. Networking of individual Miele appliances is carried out with WiFiConn@ct, which enables direct connection with the WiFi router in your home. You can then monitor and control* your networked appliances conveniently with your smartphone or tablet using the Miele@mobile app.

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All about networking

Do you have any questions regarding the Miele home network? We have listed the answers to frequently asked questions under the following link.

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