Powerful technology for your kitchen

Extraction mode
Extraction mode Range hoods draw cooking vapours in, remove grease particles and absorb odours. The extraction mode cooker hood is designed to transport air from the kitchen directly to the outside during the cooking process. These models require ducting through a vent on the outside wall as well as an adequate supply of fresh air in order to ensure sufficient ventilation.
Recirculation mode
Recirculation Range hoods use a metal filter to remove grease particles and odours from cooking vapours. The clean air is directed back into the room via odour neutralising charcoal filters; air circulates within the room. Recirculation mode cooker hoods do not require ducting through a vent in the outside wall or vent pipe, which makes installation easier. This technology is the only possible option for some types of living areas.
Fan options
The Miele Range hoods require powerful internal and external motors in order to function properly and effectively. The motors for Miele Range hoods are available in either 700 m³/h or 1100 m³/h for 30, 36, or 48 inch appliances and are sold separately.
Images used for illustration purposes. Features may vary depending on model.