The innovation for perfect results

Perfect wash results
Miele has revolutionised laundry care: no other liquid detergent system washes both white and coloured items as thoroughly as the 2-Phase-System from Miele. This has been proven in comprehensive tests. The secret of the excellent wash performance lies in the two liquid detergent components UltraPhase 1 and UltraPhase 2: they are dispensed from separate cartridges at the perfect time during the wash process – completely automatically. The great advantage of this dispensing principle: For the first time you can now wash both white and coloured items perfectly with liquid detergents. A revolution in laundry care as conventional liquid detergents do not contain bleaching agents. This is only possible with the Miele 2-Phase-System, which dispenses the required active components in stages.
UltraPhase 1 guarantees perfect cleanliness and brilliant results on colours and white laundry. With UltraPhase 2, bleaching agent is added at the ideal moment to ensure that even stubborn stains are removed completely.
One UltraPhase 1 and one UltraPhase 2 cartridge when purchasing a washing machine with TwinDos.
To protect delicate skin we now offer a Sensitive UltraPhase 1 and 2 detergent version: it is completely free of colourants and fragrances. By using sensitive detergents, you give your skin time to recuperate and keep allergies at bay. And your laundry? Perfectly cleaned and cared for – you can rely on that too.
Patent: EP 2 784 205Images used for illustration purposes. Features may vary depending on model.