Cooking with the unusual

Induction wok
The Miele wok pan sits in a custom-designed trough - for optimum heat distribution. The intelligent ControlInduc® system prevents oil and fat from overheating. The Miele induction wok also offers special user benefits such as booster technology.
Barbecue grill
Meat, fish or vegetables prepared on the grill are particularly tasty. Two separate grill zones with independent controls allow you to grill and keep food warm at the same time. Guaranteed to suit personal tastes: Using the grill with water will make your food even more succulent. Using lava rock will give food the authentic aroma of an outdoor barbecue.
Food is cooked directly on the hot stainless steel surface. The Miele TepanYaki has two heating elements which can be used separately: Different dishes can be cooked or kept warm at the same time using different temperatures.
Images used for illustration purposes. Features may vary depending on model.