The right frame for your kitchen design

The classic stainless-steel frame and trough design on these gas hobs lend them a professional appearance. Harmonising with the hob surround, the stainless steel knobs are positioned at the front. Individual pot rests allow you to move pans easily and are easy to clean due to their enamelled surface.
These gas hobs feature an exceptionally shallow trough which integrates unobtrusively into fitted kitchens. The premium enamelled cast-iron pot rests are dishwasher safe. Operated via the metal rotary dial controls. The shallow gas hobs in a stainless steel base are equipped with high end intelligent electronics. They are equipped with premium features such as QuickStart and GasStop& ReStart.
The "Elegant" hobs
Gas hobs with ceramic glass have an elegant appeal. The high-quality enamelled cast-iron pot rests are dishwasher-proof, offer plenty of space and a secure base for pots and pans of all sizes. The solid metal rotary controls exude Miele quality. These elegant hobs boast intelligent electronics from mid-range model upwards, including a timer and other features which offer more user convenience.
Images used for illustration purposes. Features may vary depending on model.